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Porto Vromi Maries Consortium

porto vromi cruises

Starting from the magnificent Porto Vromi Maries, the nearest port to the shipwreck, visit with our boat the beautiful and famous beach of Shipwreck. Let our responsible and experienced crew guide you to the most beautiful areas of the island. Swim in the crystal clear water, dive into the unique beauty of local caves for swimming and photos and see up close the "Poseidon's profile".

For those of you who seek adventure, you can rent and steer one of the our new and fast boats and customize your trip according to your preferences. It is certain that whichever way you choose to head to, your journey will be a unique and safe experience for you and your loved ones.

The members of the Consortium are experienced professionals, active in sea tours for about 25 years in the region, long before their union in the joint venture.

With responsibility and professionalism, our boats have transported thousands of our visitors over the years safely, and never caused a problem or accident.

The boats of the “Consortium Port Vromi Maries Boats” every summer pass all the necessary checks and controls conducted by the Port Authority and are maintained in an optimal way.

porto vromi cruises