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The beach

The “Shipwreck” beach has been voted and indeed is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Gorgeous crystal clear, staggering natural color combinations make up a majestic landscape that excites every visitor.

Shipwreck is a beach which is only accessible by sea. It is a bay in which the ship “Panayotis” washed up in 1980 due to the bad weather and mechanical problems.

Since then, the beach was named “Shipwreck” (Navagio in Greek).

The beach today is internationally a famous attraction for thousands of tourists every year.

Visitors info

Guests should come prepared, especially if they intend to stay there for hours.

The Shipwreck beach is not organized and has only natural shade, depending on the time and the position of the sun.

It does not have restrooms and restaurants. So, it would be advisable to take what you might need (e.g. hats, water, sunscreen, etc) before you start your trip.

Our boats leave you right on the Shipwreck beach so that you do not have to swim to get there.

porto vromi cruises